About Us

(1)doll material

TPE dolls are similar to silicone dolls, but about half the price of silicone dolls. The reason for the low price is that the raw material cost is low and the manufacturing process is small, so the price naturally goes down. In terms of material unit, the weight and softness are compared to silicon, but the weight and softness including the skeleton doll also differ depending on the composition. In other words, low prices are not bad materials.

Elastomer (TPE) materials are thermoplastic elastomers. Maybe there are some shops that take advantage of this property and do repairs (hope factor for most w, I would love to). It is a representative material of silicon. The current mainstream of love dolls is silicon. Elastomers are included in the same silicone material classification but are further processed. It's softer and softer than silicone, and feels closer to human skin. As you can see in the video, the breasts sway in a way that cannot be done with silicon, achieving realistic reproducibility.

Considering the price, it has a more luxurious feel than silicon. Soft, trimmed boobs are all yours. It can be touched, buried, and licked at any time. Of course, you can also pinch it. Is possible.

(2)with oral function

Various dolls are possible. Because it is an elastomer material, you can enjoy the feeling of sticking to it. You can fully enjoy your favorite woman. We recommend using a lot of commercially available lotions. Moisture helps reduce friction, but the piston rubs more easily. Since there is no jawbone like humans, the size that can be inserted is limited, but if it is the size of a typical Japanese, it can be inserted without problems. Also, since there are no teeth, there is almost no pain. You can fully enjoy the tightness that is slightly different from Virgina. The mouth part of the elf doll is also precisely designed with elastomer, so you can enjoy various tightening methods. Oral ejaculation is also possible. What a joy it is to have a doll's face in such a young woman's mouth.

(3)High quality, low price

The elf doll is amazing, and I picked up 4 items such as TPE material, range of motion, and movable eyeballs, but there are many other attractions. Honestly, this price can't be any manufacturer. I think there are many people who have such a problem that "love dolls are expensive but I can't buy them." In order to fulfill such a wish, the head office sets the price.

Therefore, we are happy to hear from our customers. Would you like to enjoy a love doll at home? We are sure that our customers will be completely satisfied.